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Shibboleth Developer's Meeting, 2018-07-06

Call Administrivia

10:00 Central US / 11:00 Eastern US / 16:00 UK

Calls are normally the 1st and 3rd Fridays of each month. Next call would be Friday <date>. Any reason to deviate from this?

60 to 90 minute call window.

Call Details

This week's call will use the Zoom system at GU, see ZoomGU for access info.


  • JavaScript replacement / Graal?
    • JEP 335: Nashorn is "terminally deprecated" (deprecated with intent to remove) in Java 11, but not yet removed.
    • Someone may come forward to support it. If not, it will be removed in some release but not before Java 13 (2019-09). Nothing is yet scheduled.
  • Velocity replacement / Freemarker
  • Generic Functions (as per ScriptedPredicate and SpringExpressionPredicate)
  • Unicon UI (Phil)






  • Java 11:
    • Now in "rampdown phase one": "The overall feature set is frozen. No further JEPs will be targeted to this release."
    • Current release is 11-ea+21: can we get that in Jenkins please?


Lots of CAS protocol work. Highlights: IDP-701, IDP-644, IDP-1283, IDP-1265


  • IdP Backlog
    • Quick review of changed words in attribute release  IDP-1232 - Getting issue details... STATUS : does this seem 
    • Process.


  • Finalizing SP, mostly dealing with Debian/pkgconfig autoconf alignment
    • Updated to beta 3.0 Thu evening, just a handful of warnings in log afterward
  • Still plowing through docs, but think it's time to just get on with it
  • Noted issue with latest Eclipse – changes to test classpath handling, issue with exclusion of commons-logging in POMS


  • Not much to report, work item is jetty-ssl
  • Add Windows Installer version to JIRA to track issues for release ?



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