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The support rollout has been smooth so far with fairly light but substantive use. JIRA seems to be working well for managing this kind of support. Slack has seen little use so far. Membership continues to grow.

Work on IdP 3.4 has stalled a bit due to vacations and diverting of effort toward the SP. The redesign of the dynamic metadata support exposed a serious bug that appeared to be present all the way back to 2.0, and demonstrated a need to spend time expanding unit testing in the SP as we work on the new version.

The patch itself was simple, but we/I were unwise in including some additional bug fixes that had been applied to the master branch, and caused a regression which was fixed promptly, but reinforced our traditional conservatism in what we include in patches. It was a lesson all around in violating our norms.

Most of the work redesigning the SP metadata support is complete and ready to be tested, and focus has shifted to getting a clean, documented build process for the SP and all its dependencies while we work in parallel on a new version of the Apache XML Security library. With the opportunity for breaking changes, I decided to get more aggressive and remove a lot of deprecated code and redesign some old APIs since we'll likely not make this kind of change again. Given the pace of this work, I don't expect a 2.0 release of that library until after the new year.

As the work on the SP progresses, platform support continues to be discussed on-list and internally. It is a given that Solaris will be dropped as a supported platform and it makes sense to consider adding Debian and Ubuntu due to popularity, but this requires figuring out how to properly scope that support, given that we don't package for them. SUSE is essentially in the same situation now anyway.

Some internal testing at OSU revealed that the older Apache HTTP client library in the IdP contains some bugs that don't impact occasional use but become serious under load for use cases such as web services, so we need to accelerate an upgrade of that library in the next IdP release.

Oracle also clarified (somewhat) their plans for Java and announced that Java 9 would not be a "long term support" release, so the MDA 1.0 software will likely be based on Java 8 instead, with the IdP 4 work based on the 18.9 release in September 2018. All subject to change as usual.

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