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The last month has been dominated by travel to TechExchange and getting the new support services rolled out for testing by the members. TechExchange was a bit less exhausting than the past couple of years, and was dominated by a lot of good conversation and discussion about OpenID Connect, including a good touch-base with the CSC team working on those features for Shibboleth. I'm hopeful there will be some initial bits to play around with by early next year.

Proxies were another dominant area of discussion, and after an offhand comment/question from a member, I went ahead and implemented some policy support for the <Scoping> element in SAML that allows the IdP to recognize different downstream services on the other side of a proxying SP.

The support rollout has been relatively smooth, with very little use so far (the next Slack message will be the first). The best part has been the dramatic and ongoing increase in members as a result of this change.

On the more traditional development front, work has been progressing on:

  • Re-designing the dynamic metadata support in the SP.
  • Finishing the long-delayed SOAP client support in the IdP, though that's more of a "looking ahead to doing proxying support" thing than anything the IdP itself is desperate to include.
  • Getting a Java 9-compatible build process working with Maven so we can start testing on it.

Going into the holiday season, I will be working to get an updated release of the XML Security library used by the SP, and probably doing a Xerces bug fix release out of the kindness of my heart, and we'll hopefully get a working set of examples done for Jetty 9.4. IdP V3.4.0 is still on track for early next year but we'll need to get some progress made on the remaining work there during the holidays to stay on track.

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