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Shibboleth Developer's Meeting, Sep 12, 2014

Call Administrivia

10:00 Central US / 11:00 Eastern US / 16:00 UK

Next call is next Friday. Any reason not to meet ?

60 to 90 minute call window.

Call Details

This week's call will use the Lync system at OSU on an experimental basis. To participate, call:

  • +1 (614) 688-1800 (please use if possible)
  • +1 (800) 678-6114 (use only if you're charged for the 614 number)

The Conference ID is: 738127#

International participants should be able to access the 800 number without charge through Skype.

Fallback Call Details

If the above doesn't work out, we will fall back to the previous system at 15 minutes past the hour.

Meeting Number: 24048131
Toll / Intl #: N/A
Toll-Free #: N/A










Installer.  Currently concentrating on a generic ant script which can be used without MSI (in which case we prompt for information) or with (properties set on the command line).  V3 install and V3 -> V3 update appears to be working but I encourage other people to play with it and provide input.  Outstanding is (at least)

  • V2->V3 upgrade
  • Better UI for more or less detailed install.
  • Allow parameterization from a file
  • Wire MSI into ANT and collect parameters from UI
  • "AD" configuration. (known LDAP URL, precanned ePTID, ePPN)
  • Upgrade:
    • Windows QI -> V3
    • Windows & Others V3 -> V3
    • Windows & Others V2 -> V3




"Finishing" logout framework for V3 plus basic implementation for initial release, see IDP-224 for details. Will build a stubbed out SOAP logout endpoint since V2 sort of had this, but without propagation, and then park it for now. Believe the framework will work once we have a decision to finish it. Maybe we can borrow UI from the newly updated logout work mentioned on the users list.

May look a couple of additional login flows people have requested, particularly something involving certificates. Somebody from SWITCH asked me about SPNEGO (their Kerberos handler from V2) with some expectation that we committed to including it, which ain't happening unless somebody else shows up to do it.

Otherwise time to start cleaning up JIRA and moving tasks we won't do for V3 to an unlisted bucket.

Attended ISOC workshops last week, not much technical to report.






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