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Shibboleth Developer's Meeting, May 02, 2014

Call Details

Meeting Number: 24048131
Toll / Intl #: N/A
Toll-Free #: N/A



Call Administrivia

10:00 Central US / 11:00 Eastern US / 16:00 UK

Next call is next Friday. Any reason not to meet ?

60 to 90 minute call window.









Ongoing config parsing.

  • Approaching completion of the ProfileConfiguration
  • Bean injection issues
  • When it is complete, should I move the saml specific parsing to idp-saml-spring?  Is this possible?
  • Issues around what an inline certificate means.

Still needed

  • Wire the real RP resolver into the configuration.  
  • The Liberty SSOS profile (are there any others I have missed?)
  • Allowing the parsing a file which only contains a <MetadataProvider>
  • More Trust engine parsers are required 
  • Code cleanup to centralize <Credential> parsing 
  • Code cleanup to rely more heavily on Cryptacular (as per discussions in previous team meetings)
  • Code coverage in the parsers.



  •  Refactored flows to eliminate "proceed" transitions and combine action-states
  • Refactored beans common to profiles into one file for each SAML version
  • Implemented artifact resolution flows for both SAML versions, testing TBD
  • Refactored NameID generation actions and plugins to allow making that a service and reloadable, config is TBD, but easy to finish



  • IDP-397 java-idp-integration tests
    • Use OOB property replacement support rather than Maven filtering :
      • Spring "nested" properties in idp.war.path = ${idp.home}/war/idp.war
      • Logback "variable" substitution with default value, e.g. : <File>${idp.home:-.}/logs/idp-process.log</File>

      • Start Jetty via Spring to take advantage of nested property support, which Jetty itself does not have, AFAICT.

    • Requires 'idp.home' system property.

  • OSJ-55 & INFRA-99 Upload and validate third-party dependencies to Nexus
  • Jenkins 
    • java-idp-testbed-nightly-endorsed
    • java-idp-testbed-nightly-central-disabled
    • java-metadata-aggregator-nightly-central-disabled
  • JSE-6 Moved IdentifiableBeanPostProcessor
  • IDP-352 SWF 2.4.0 and flow-location-pattern
  • Testbed flow test cleanup, removed test "artifacts" (dev profile, output attribute mapping) from Spring wiring





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