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Shibboleth Developer's Meeting, January 17, 2014

Toll / Intl #: +1 (201) 479-4595
Toll-Free #: N/A
Meeting Number: 22828795


Call Administrivia

Dial-in attendee identification.

Next call is next Friday. Any reason not to meet ?

60 to 90 minute call window.

Do we want to change the call schedule or duration ?








  • Apologies for next week
  • C14N and NameID.  Design ongoing.  Some Coding
  • Orphan classes.  What do we do next?
  • Resources
    • Config for SVN
    • Started HTTP
    • What do we do about OpenSAML?
    • From Feb Open: Why was the original Resource-based metadata provider deprecated?



  • Some refactoring of AttributeResolver to split public/internal context details
  • Review/design thoughts around Subject C14N with Rod
  • Redid SchemaBuilder and SAMLSchemaBuilder as non-statics, redid Schema MetadataFIlter
    • Move java-support to 3.0-SNAPSHOT?
    • Do we need ShibbolethResource, or should we just make ResourceBackedMetadataProvider in OpenSAML dependent on Spring as optional dependency?
  • Started back on Wiki upgrade, root of problems before was use of Tomcat 7
  • Started looking at a SUSE 13 VM to look into a packaging issue there


  • Note : SVNKit 1.8.2 released Jan 2.
  • Note : Nexus upgrade. Major.Minor.Patch-<integer-for-dependency-upgrades>. Java 7 gotcha.
  • Note : No more http: schemaLocations.
  • Help : custom Javadoc tags and Jenkins ?
  • Help : Eclipse prefs ?
  • Advice : testing flows. Choose mock over extending the JUnit SWF AbstractXmlFlowExecutionTests. Thanks.
  • Comment : Programming actions in Java rather than XML.
  • Comments : No SWF 2.3.2.RELEASE tag ? Git & spring-framework and spring-beans-groovy, yuck. site re: spring-boot.
  • Question : Attribute context doc ?




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