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Shibboleth Developer's Meeting, October 04, 2013


Call Administrivia

Dial-in attendee identification.

Next call is next Friday. Any reason not to meet ?

60 to 90 minute call window.


  • Finished (mostly) the refactoring of existing metadata providers to new MetadataResolver API. Outstanding is providing support for Predicates and associated filtering Iterable in a way similar to the v2 CredentialResolvers.
  • Worked on closing out a bunch of low-hanging-fruit issues for java-support.
  • Worked on guts of abstract dynamic metadata resolver, going ok.  Hope to have some working concrete implementation(s) soon.  Will address some detailed technical issues on dev list.



  • Added v2 support for ResultsCaching to the LDAP and RDBMS parsers.




  • Mostly travelling/vacation. 
  • Refresh across the IdP's maven dependencies.
  • Started playing with typing errors. Learnt so far:
    • Do not start the learning process at the bottom of the dependency stack!
    • Eclipse will find more errors than just -Xlink:unchecked.
    • The use of AttributeValue vs AttributeValue<?> is a mess.  This will require a wide ranging checkin when I get back from my travels.

Can the meeting get closure on Interfaces/BaseClass discussion, also which interfaces can now be renamed IdPXXXX ?


Stable IdPSession and ServiceSession interfaces

Working implementation of a SessionManager/SessionResolver based on StorageService, continuing to add unit tests. Built in option to limit impact of storage errors, and enable/disable service session tracking/indexing.

Not sure we need a single-node in-memory version just to make it faster for people running one server


  • SAML2ServiceSession extension class and serializer
  • How to manage cookie capture of session ID in the server-side storage case? Inside or outside SessionManager/Resolver?
  • How to manage cookie-based StorageService? Maybe a Java filter?
  • Complete some of the stubbed out session-related profile actions (depends somewhat on the previous two bullets)
  • Probably want at least two other storage back-ends ideally, JDBC and memcache maybe?


Confluence 5.3 is out, so need to test that. It apparently supports user account renames now.


+ vt-crypt

Need input from Daniel and Marvin, and Brent.


+ rename java-parent-project-v3 to java-parent-project

Need Brent's help with svn mechanics and advice.


+ idp front end


+ Rod : When you have time

IdPv2 issue and porting to v3, tests.

Annotate and clean up idp-attribute-*-spring.

Test contributed v3 attribute-filter.xml files.


+ Attribute -> IdPAttribute



+ AttributeDefinition, DataConnector, BaseResolverPlugin interfaces


+ Abstract* and Base* naming convention


+ Infrastructure

Nexus upgrade - no luck with previous contact.

Jenkins : Ian, when do you have time again ? Later ?

Remove unsubscribe footer from mail lists ?

Remove /confluence from ?


+ Tomcat7/8 dta-ssl contribution





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