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Shibboleth Developer Meeting, July 12 2013


Call Administrivia

Next call is next Friday.

60 to 90 minute call window.








Will be more available towards end of Summer / early Fall.


  • Published notes on new implementation for filters
  • Started refactoring to fit same


Completed another round of security fixing for Santuario. Need to look into an EC crypto issue there, but no pressing need.

Completed work on SAML ArtifactMap functionality in V3, have a version that uses storage API and a version that does no extra XML parsing for use on single node systems

Finished javadoc for Brent's V2 SecurityConfig bean, and documented a SHA-256 example in the wiki. Tested also. Brent can release when he's back.

Lot of time dealing with contract issues with the board, leading to the drafting of new proposals covering how our project is organized and policies for the board to approve on code contributions and committer expectations. This is required by the operating resolution from the board, and needed to help ensure we're in control of the code acceptance process. The goal is establishing the obligations of committers separately from the terms of contracts.

Our model is not to pay for deliverables but to pay for time from talented people and not renew contracts of people that don't do good work, rather than try and avoid paying for work already done.

Next up: either work on fleshing out docs, design on profile action breakdown for SAML profiles (incl. reviewing Brent's OpenSAML changes), or move over to the Authentication / Session Cache code.






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