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Shibboleth Developer's Meeting, December 15, 2011

Attendees: Chad La Joie, Brent Putman, Rod Widdowson, Ian Young

Quick Items

  • Consortium Board Member
    • JISC Advance picked as our new home
    • Represent and carry forward opinion of devs
    • Vote on roadmap items and what not
    • Need a primary and a back up
  • HiDefConferencing replacement
    • service we currently use is going away in February
    • what do people think about GoToMeeting? WebEx? Illuminate Live? Other suggestions?
  • ProtectNetwork replace
    • PN is going to start charging in January, no real reason to pay what we can get for free
    • Consortium wants to treat this as a political thing, Nicole is taking care of it
    • Probably move to use FIEDE and ACOnet's open IdPs
  • Upgrade to Subversion 1.7
    • No usable Subversion server RPMs yet
    • SVNKit, our client library, is scheduled to have a 1.7 compliant release at the end of this month
    • Will need to coordinate with Unicon to upgrade their server, our mirror site, at the same time.

Parent Project Update (Chad)

    • Common build profile internal and external to Eclipse
    • Common common version of libraries
    • Common boilerplate stuff (website URL, mailing lists, SVN info, etc)
    • Project/module creation scripts
    • Currently need to have it checked out like any of our other in-dev projects

OpenSAML v3 Update (Brent)

  • not much progress in the las couple months due to other work at Georgetown
  • timeline for work between now and Jan:
    • unit test conversion completed
    • finish structural changes (package renames, etc)
    • encoders/decoders

IdP v3 Update (Chad)

    • Been working on some basic profile handler actions and unit tests to prove out APIs. Everything is looking good
    • Chad is moving on to develop some of the more complicated actions and will be doing some basic authentication actions to test out those APIs as well
    • Rod will begin unit testing some of the more complicated actions

Discovery (Rod)

  • Report out on OpenID Discovery / Google AccountChooser
    • Not really interesting to us - it relies on an "oracle" hosted by a 3rd party with no SLA
    • Currently seems to require that the account chooser is tightly bound to the mail server and mail addresses
    • What do we do if an SP is already using the AccountChooser and comes to us? We'll deal with it if it ever happens
  • Report out on native discovery plugins
    • Started with Chrome and Firefox
    • Started with a browser plugin that interacts with the javascript in the discovery service
    • If the plugin works the EDS auto-dispatches
    • Every platform is different, on some browsers you have to partial render the DOM
    • Where do we take this next?
      • Current exploratory plugin sniffs the discovery protocol on the wire and startup when we see that - requires inspecting every request
      • Investigate use of scheme and content type triggers
      • Investigate what restrictions apply to the various sandboxes within the browser

Next meeting:
January 12, 1600Z

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