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Developer's Call - Jan 13, 2011

Attendees: Jim, Brent, Chad, Phil, Scott, Rod, Steven

Cover format and frequency of calls

Calls will be biweekly and last approx. one hour.

On each call we will:

  • discuss any questions about commits made in the last two weeks
  • discuss a couple of specific topics related to the various products

Individuals are encouraged to send topic ideas as early as possible.

If no topics needs to be discussed the call will be canceled. If there are topics to be discussed an agenda will be sent out a week prior to the call.

The call is to be used to discuss in depth technical items related to actual coding. Questions about features and behavior need to be sent to the dev list.

Discuss face-to-face meeting in Scotland

Meeting will be Feb 24/25. Feb 24 we'll be meeting with the Scots' Shibboleth user group. Feb 25 will be the actual face-to-face.

Overview of new development tools/services

All new code will use Maven 3. Developers using Eclipse should be on Eclipse Helios (3.6) and use m2eclipse. We were previously using Eclipse IAM but this appears to be a dead project.

The new infrastructure is now set up. Servers are hosted in Edinburgh and include the website, svn, idp, wiki, issue tracking, and maven repository manager. We also have a Google Apps account which is where our mailing lists are housed.

Developers should provide to Chad the username, email address, and password they wish to use on the new infrastructure (password change web page will be available in about a week). Such accounts give access to SVN, IDP, and maven repo.

Maven repo proxies maven central and maven repository. This will be the location where new artifacts are published.

All the developers, sans Phil, should have received information about being joined to the mailing list that will receive change notifications from the new Subversion server.

OpenSAML v3, next steps

First step will be to re-organize the code into a maven multi-module project. An initial set of modules for the project has already been discussed, but as work proceeds with v3, it's likely that we'll create additional modules as we see better how to break up the code.

After the reorganization the code will be moved to the new Subversion repository.

The next step for OpenSAML v3 will be to move as much of the lower-level crypto work over to VT's vt-crypt library and to dump the dependecy on not-yet-commons-ssl.

IdP v3, next steps

Re-organization of code in to a maven multi-module project has already been done. The next step is to move the code over to the new Subversion server.

Following that will be creating a bunch of tasks to track the work done on the attribute resolver and attribute filter engine. The goal is to have these done first and allow people like Tom Zeller to work with them and test them.

Rod asked about some work Chad had been doing regarding a write up for how to co-bundle Jetty with our products (IdP, Centralized DS, metadata aggregator). Chad has been using the metadata aggregator as my guinea pig for that work. He has it mostly complete. One outstanding issue is the packaging of the Java service wrapper with the distribution. The wrapper contains native code so he'll probably compile it on Windows, OS X, Linux for x86 32 and 64 bit, and also ship the code for people who might want to run it on some other platform. He also started an incomplete write up and will probably need a bit of work to upgrade to maven v3.

Next call with be January 27th at 11am Eastern.

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